• Volunteer to the Needy Childrens
  • Give hope and smile to kids
  • Help the Kids Grow in safe environment
  • Provide the Essential Services to the Kids
  • Wide Range of Volunteer Programs
  • Experience best homestay in Kenya

Welcome to Where to Stay in Kenya!

Wheretostay & Safaris in Kenya was founded in 2000 by Rahab Mithitho Ngugi, retired banker, a mother of two daughters and a tourist enthusiasms. For many years  she have worked closely with childrens homes such as flying kites, Kayole children home, Bygrace kayole, Destined Childrens Home Kikuyu among others, meeting working and hosting foreign volunteers in her house as a host mother. We are cultural tourism agency that links people who want to LIVE (Homestay), TOUR (safaris) and WORK (Internship and Volunteer) in Africa with local hosts in rural villages and towns.
Wheretostay & Safaris Kenya matches international visitors with hosts in Kenya according to their respective interests and expectations. It works to ensure that both parties are happy with arrangements and that the homestay experience is rewarding, worthwhile and safe for all involved.


We are happy to bring you exciting and safe accommodation options for all ages, cultures, couples, families, groups, students, and volunteers

Tours & Safaris

Our selection of Classic Kenya Safaris and tours are popular, affordable tours that allow you to discover all that Kenya has to offer in your entire stay at Kenya.


Care for children, provide medical support, teach in classrooms and other volunteers programs such as orphanage work, HIV / AIDS work, sports education and conservation.

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